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The word Gumbo in the band's name refers to a spicy dish from the south of the USA. It's a mix between a soup and a stew: a treat in a bowl. Okra, a kind of vegetable, binds the sauce.

The Gumbo Jazz
band plays since August 2008 exciting music from New Orleans, variating from blues to up-tempo songs dating from the end of the 19th century to the thirties of the previous century. We are inspired by great names from the past, such as Louis Armstrong, Sidney Bechet, Jelly Roll Morton, Bunk Johnson and many others.

Gigs always turn into parties where the interaction with the audience plays a major role: people dance, sing along and have a great time. Requests are played, on special occasions the band not only serves the musical Gumbo but also the dish !The musical parts are connected by the rhythm guitar which links the horn- and rhythm section. Many songs are accompanied by vocals, sung by several bandmembers, not only rendering the choruses but also the verses.

The band also gives workshops in
which the early jazz is illustrated following the life of Louis Armstrong, of course adorned with musical examples.

So, if ever you have the opportunity to enjoy this exotic dish, grab your chance with both hands, have a nice meal !


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