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Gumbo Jazzband kanaal op Youtube

Ain't she sweet 7-3-2016 Vaeshartelt

At the Jazzband Ball 7-3-2016 Vaeshartelt

Big butter and egg man 17-4-16 Vaeshartelt

Bourbon Street Parade 05-06-2018 Jazz Meneerkens Roermond

Creole Song 7-3-2016 Vaeshartelt

Exactly like you 18-4-2016 Vaeshartelt

Going home 14-06-2015 Café de Pieter

Going home **-03-2015

How come you do me like you do 07-07-2017 Bruiloft Benn-Jeanne

I wish I could shimmy like my sister Kate 18-4-16 Vaeshartelt

Is it true what they say about Dixie 03-09-16 Vibes

Isle of Capri **-03-2015

Love is just around the corner **-03-2015

Mama Inez 14-06-2015 Café de Pieter

Old man Mose **-03-2015

Perdido **-03-2015

Please don't talk about me when I'm gone 17-4-2016

Red sails in the sunset 14-06-2015 Café de Pieter

Red sails in the sunset **-03-2015

Royal Garden Blues 7-3-2016 Vaeshartelt

Royal Garden Blues 7-3-2016 Vaeshartelt

Schöner Gigolo (just a Gigolo) 7-3-2016 Vaeshartelt

Tishomingo blues 7-3-2016 Vaeshartelt


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