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French Quarter Festival 2017:
Van: Greg Schatz <>
French Quarter Festival 2017
Datum: 11 april 2017 17:01:17 GMT-5

Dear Musicians, 
Thanks for performing at French Quarter Festival 2017!!!
It was a truly amazing year.  Everywhere I went there were crowds of people enjoying  great  music.
The good weather didn’t hurt, and the food was good too, but more than anything French Quarter Festival is a music festival and that’s what really brought the crowds out.
I hope that you know that your music was appreciated, and that you enjoyed yourself as much as all of the audience members!

Greg Schatz
Entertainment Manager
French Quarter Festivals, Inc.

Nina Buck of the Palm Court Jazz Café:
kathy edegran []
Verzonden: vrijdag 12 mei 2017 22:10
Aan: Gumbo Jazzband
Onderwerp: Few words from Nina Buck

Hi Hugo:
Sorry it's taken a while to get back to you but Nina has been out of the office.  So please see below her words in praise of the Gumbo Jazz Band.

"We very much enjoyed hosting Gumbo Jazz Band at the Palm Court Jazz Cafe in April. The musicianship and joy of their performance was outstanding.  They had a wonderful reception from the audience  and I hope they will return to New Orleans.  Thank you.  Nina Buck, Palm Court Jazz Cafe."

Best wishes


Weekblad Maastricht:

Natchez Steamboat:
From: Adrienne Thomasjpers []
Sent: Wednesday, April 19, 2017 2:56 PM
Natchez Steamboat
“It was a delight to have Hugo and the Gumbo Jazz Band join us on the Steamboat.  No matter where we are from, we all love our traditional jazz music and love to play alongside musicians that enjoy that spirit as well.  Thanks to the Gumbo Jazz Band for playing traditional jazz with our Steamboat Stompers, we entertained the guests on Steamboat NATCHEZ with a very special show”

Rodney and Marnie:
Franck and his group were some of the most delightful guests we've ever had. Not only were they great guests, they are a really good band! We caught their show at Fritzel's on Bourbon and had a great time. They're a great group and took good care of our home. They left everything is perfect condition. We're happy to recommend Franck to other hosts.”

Bar Mon Cher
16 april 2017
Gumbo Jazzband performed at Bar Mon Cher on Easter Sunday and they were the perfect musical complement to a day filled with parades going up St. Louis Street.  With the guys performing, the mood in the bar was just as festive as the French Quarter itself.  People were drawn inside by the delightful sounds of Traditional Jazz enticing them through our windows.  Patrons loved them, we loved them and look forward to having them back when they return to New Orleans.  -Johnny & Jeanette, Bar Mon Cher.

Le "Ardent Swing Festival"
Après s’être échauffé le vendredi, après avoir appris quelques nouveaux moves et techniques, ainsi qu'un peu de collegiate shag, il faut mettre tout ça en pratique ! Et donc, voici les premières informations pour la soirée du samedi Band : Gumbo Jazzband est un band de Jazz Swing/New Orleans de renommée internationale originaire de Maastricht. Ils nous font l’honneur de venir jouer pour nous avant leur départ pour la Nouvelle Orléans pour deux semaines de concerts !

 Mattie Vant, muzikaal leider van de Engelse garagerock band VANT schreef voor ons optreden in de Melkweg op 5-12-2016: "
"AMSTERDAM: One of our favourite places on earth. We can’t wait to come back and play our second ever headline show here in the legendary Melkweg. Last time we played in Paradiso and it sold out, one of the best gigs we’ve ever done! This one is going to be particularly special due to one strange afternoon we spent in the beautiful city of Maastricht last time we were over. We wandered round and by chance wound up in this bar with these awesome musicians called the Gumbo Jazzband, it was such an amazing vibe and everyone was so joyous that even know it was a world apart from what we do I thought it might just work in front of our fans. So something completely different for this show as a warm-up the Gumbo Jazz Band will be playing for you all as you come in the venue and between the The Elementary Penguins and ourselves, put on your dancing shoes!

Recensie n.a.v. ons optreden in Jazzclub Zuid-Limburg (25 september 2016)
“Start van een nieuw en belangrijk seizoen 2016 - 2017 met een band uit Maastricht die al meer dan 25 jaar haar sporen heeft verdiend. Zij komen voort uit o.a. (red) de King Zulu’s  Brass Band, een band die vorige eeuw al optrad in het Casino Brunssum. Het optreden werd aangevuld met de verrassing “Lindy Hop Dancers, een vorm van dans zoals die ook in de vorige eeuw gedanst werd bij bands. De aanwezigen beloonden de dansgroep en de vrijwillig toegetreden dansers met een enthousiast applaus. De band durft het aan om de niet alom bekende nummers te spelen, maar nummers die velen van ons niet kennen maar o zo mooi zijn, bv: Old man Moose, Crazy Rhythm en al helemaal I wish I were twins. De zang was uitstekend verzorgd. Een zanger in een band is oké, maar dat er vier kunnen zingen is een uitzondering, helemaal geweldig! Wat doe je als dansers even geen zin of puf meer hebben om te dansen en de band nodigt je uit om dit nog eens te doen? Ja, dan komt de man uit het sprookje van Hamelen met de naam Frank van de Weijer met zijn klarinet van het podium af om ze onder luid applaus te halen, en dan moet je hem wel volgen. Een middag voor herhaling vatbaar.”.

Special RTV Maastricht tijdens Jeker Jazzfestival Maastricht 2016


20-10-2015 recensie Aachener-zeitung, n.a.v. een optreden van de Gumbo Jazzband met Thomas L'Etienne in restaurant Cesare

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